This specialty is the basis of the whole organization; on that note alone Alumac has constantly upgraded and maintained its extrusion presses and auxiliaries to cater to the customized profile requirements made by our customers. We have 1460T, 1380T and 600T processes. We also pride our extrusion tolerance that is within tolerance of the standards of ISO 6362 and JIS H4100 or tighter tolerance upon discussion. Adhering to these standards is crucial as these are the fundamentals of being able to meet products of high quality.


  • Press size 4” & 6”
  • Ageing oven length capacity up to 12 meters
  • Billet type 1070, 6061, 6063, 6082


We use German additives for superior surface finishing and color at the 1st and 2nd step of the anodizing process. These Chemicals are non-toxic to the work force and the environment. Customers may also pick the colors of their choice based on the color chart that is provided.  We also follow strict operating procedures to ensure that the right balance or chemicals are used; the optimum temperature is obtained and maintained and timed to perfection. All this is done to ensure the best results are achieved.


  • Able to produce surface thickness of 6,10, 15,20 and 25 microns with a seal test compliance of ISO3210.
  • Able to anodize lengths up to 6.2 meters.
  • Color ranges from natural anodizing, clear, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black.


Using sophisticated software, we at Alumac are capable of manufacturing customized cast iron DIE that can be used in the process of extrusion.

What we do:

DIE Profile Drawing
DIE Development
DIE Maintenance


We also pride ourselves with the service of Thermal break. Nylon strip is used due to its low thermal conductivity. Nylon strip is placed between two pieces of aluminium in an assembly to reduce thermal energy conducting between two separate pieces of aluminium.


  • Insertion of perpendicular thermal break.
  • Insertion of parallel thermal break.


Using German machinery, we are capable of producing clean cuts with precise length consistently. We have invested countless man hours, finances, training staff and procuring quality machinery so that this can translate to the promise that we make and keep to our customers; which is quality of the highest order possible.


  • Single mitre saw
  • Double mitre saw
  • Angular saw