Since our establishment in October 1994, Alumac had envisioned of becoming an important player in the aluminium extrusion manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Alumac is set to provide high quality products and service as our core competitive strength. More than two decades down the line the company has grown and flourished and have excelled in what we set out to achieve.  New services may have been added and some services may have changed from our initial portfolio, however the success of Alumac can be credited to three key pillars of achievements; these three pillars are:


Quality products

No matter what we are assigned to manufacture, up to a circumference diameter of 6” in size and shape we take the utmost care and standards to produce products that adhere to the highest standards possible in the industry. Nothing is left to chance; careful planning, extensive calculations and pure science is put into practice to produce an item that is ready to be used with complete ease of mind by our customers.

Superior Services

We dare to stand by our words and boldly say we treat our customers with the greatest importance possible. Our dedicated workforce is trained and is versatile to attend to the request of our customers. From the initial meeting, manufacturing, adding the finishing touches right up to packing the products, our customers can make request to the finest detail and we can assure that those requests made are entertained and seen to every step of the way.

Customized Extrusion

We pride ourselves when it comes to Customized Extrusions; this is seen as the “bread & butter” service provided by Alumac.

Customized Extrusions is our main selling point that makes us stand out from the rest. Our customers have to merely ask and they shall receive products and services only dedicated to their needs. With the added advantage of having a well-trained and versatile workforce, we define the word Customized Extrusions with full confidence and pride.

To cap this off, Alumac also believe in creating smart partnerships with customers with the hopes of creating long business relations and maintaining a win-win situation to both parties. To prove this theory; we are proud to say that we have a large profile of customers that have been returning customers since our inception in 1994.